Fotografia del Capitano Saverio Gerardi

Capt. Saverio Gerardi

Over 30 years of experience in solving the most challenging tasks as a captain, engineer and technical consultant for the marine industry.

The Commander holds the highest rank in the crew and is the most important person on board.

I have always worked in recreational boating and have 30 years of experience in the industry, from shipbuilding to offshore boating.

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Main duties:

  • Route plans
  • Meteorology Study
  • Prenotazioni porti, hotel e quant'altro
  • Boat administration management
  • Crew and guest responsibilities

My services

Yacht Captain

Commander Saverio Gerardi, professionalism and safety for Mare.

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Boat transfers

Transfers by sea or trailer throughout the Mediterranean.

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Maintaining the value of the boat, at the lowest possible cost.

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Yacht Surveying

Check the state of preservation of the vessel

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Recruiting and Staffing

Crew selection and recruitment

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Yacht Refitting

Make your boat allways look like and safe.

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